Technology is changing every aspect of the way we operate. In today’s contemporary workplace, businesses have been able to increase their productivity and efficiency at a rapid pace. Never in history has that change occurred as fast as it has in the last few years and it will undeniably continue to do so. Processes that were once manual and time-consuming can now be achieved in a quick and efficient way with the latest digital tools, applications, and systems.

Since the pandemic, we’ve also had to change the way we thought about work (now less about where you work, and more about what you produce). Companies had to pivot quickly to adapt and ensure their teams had access to the right technology and infrastructure to support them so they could continue to work. With the latest suite of products such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, apps for file-sharing, instant real-time interaction, and communication management, make collaboration as seamless as possible. This is not only boosting productivity and saving time for everyone, but also enabling people to work anywhere and have a much greater work-life balance – something that has become increasingly important to professionals across all industry sectors.

Many organisations that I work with on Tech roles are heavily focused on transforming their services. Businesses who actively seek out current and future trends in technology (and embrace them), are getting better customer and employee experiences. This in turn can lead to faster product cycles, higher margins, and greater brand awareness. That mindset also makes it easier for organisations when it comes to talent attraction and retention. I am seeing companies that no longer want employees just for BAU duties – they’re looking for people who can offer advice on how things can be done better and more efficiently, and become part of the solution.

From a candidate perspective, those I have been speaking with recently are motivated by the challenge of working in transforming environments, as well as working in organisations where they have an opportunity to drive change. Having the latest tools and systems to work with is another major drawcard. I particularly enjoy partnering with clients in organisations that are evolving, so it gives me great satisfaction to help them find the right talent to achieve their goals. At the same time, it’s incredibly satisfying when you know you’ve helped someone talented progress successfully in their career.

It seems obvious when you live and breathe the Tech space that almost anything can be achieved with the right mix of people and technology. Right now, it’s an exciting time if you are in the market for highly-skilled professionals to grow your business. Likewise, if you are considering your next career move. Reach out or connect with me on LinkedIn to find out more.