Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting a diverse, inclusive and respectful workforce

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Slade Group has a long, proud, discoverable history of living and promoting a diverse, inclusive and respectful workforce. This commitment starts with the policies, behaviour, recruitment, staff development and values and culture of Slade Group itself. In living these values, we are well positioned to authentically and respectfully support our client organisations in their recruitment and training. An inclusive culture and practice in the workplace provides safety and dignity for all and supports the formation of high performing teams.

Our own commitment to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion is observable through actions such as:

  • Attraction and recruitment processes that focus on skills and fit
  • Training provided to client hiring managers to challenge/reduce bias in briefings
  • Supporting inclusion through university sponsorship for socially disadvantaged
  • Our own diverse demographic and inclusive workplace
  • Events promoting diversity – in-house, sponsored and attended
  • Working with leading advocacy groups, such as Diversity Council Australia
  • Numerous publications covering issues such as: social inclusion, workplace flexibility, intergenerational workplaces, mental health and diversity, equity & inclusion

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