Does Technology really have it all? Ask anyone who works in the IT industry – the way tech evolves and continuously adds value to organisations; the way it connects people, teams and customers – it’s a tremendous time to be in tech.

However, growing Technology teams is challenging in the current market. Right now those challenges include attracting candidates who are increasingly selective when it comes to company culture, remuneration and benefits, and technology platforms on offer.

Then there’s the current normalisation of working up to five days per week from home meaning employers must be flexible and creative when engaging with the best from the limited number of people in the market. Concurrent projects being undertaken by multiple companies have also taken up available resources.

Finally, overlay these with the shortage of incoming tech-skilled visa holders (in part a legacy of the pandemic) and a trend to bring off-shored services back in-house, and it’s clear we’re in Talent Trouble.

As a specialist consultant in Project Services & Technology, I have worked with many clients on large technology recruitment drives. I’d like to share four ways to help you with your next hire.

  1. Have a fast-tracked recruitment process

Speed to market is essential when you are competing for top talent, but this is not possible without planning the recruitment process. For example, clearly identify who will conduct the interviews, how many rounds will be required and the format for each (one-on-one, panel interviews, etc.) Ensure interviewers are committed to the task, prepped on the role requirements and have allocated sufficient time in the diaries. I recommend nominating a secondary interviewer as back-up,  so that you don’t risk of losing the candidate by rescheduling.

  1. Be flexible with your criteria and creative in your hiring

The market is so hot right now that in many cases we have multiple companies trying to hire the same candidate. Flexibility includes considering whether the number of years of experience or sector specific experience are absolute requirements. Minimising the non-negotiables such as technology skills (smart candidates can learn quickly) and providing learning and development pathways will help you attract a broader and more motivated cohort. Creative hiring (a term we like to hear at Synchro) means considering if there are other alternative candidate pools – perhaps an IT generalist or specialist from another industry who can pivot.

  1. Plan your capability needs over the next 6 – 12 months and beyond

Planning for your future talent needs will position well when you’re ready to hire. Whether you’re recruiting permanent staff or assigning contractors to a long-term project, prepare a well-defined ‘why would you work with us’ pitch:  team profile, career progression, project opportunities, salary and other benefits, 

  1. Be proactive in engaging the right recruitment partner early in the hiring process

If you’re not accustomed to hiring in the technology space, selecting an IT specialist as your recruitment partner gives you the advantage of their market insights, professional networks and insider knowledge on how to attract these candidates.  In an unadulterated plug Synchro knows where talent sits and how to capture their interest.  Many who are not actively looking for work won’t respond to a job ad or a LinkedIn approach. Involving our consultants before approaching the market means we can provide additional value, including guidance on market expectations, skills and candidate shortages, best practice recruitment strategy and other business intelligence to achieve a successful hire.

Considering the points above will put you in a good position to hire the talent you need. Synchro Partners has a growing portfolio of clients in Software Development, Cyber Security and Project Services with whom we have partnered for their Technology requirements – as well as an extensive candidate network in the industry.

If you would like to learn more about more about our recruitment strategies and how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on +61 488 552 242, by email to or connect with me on LinkedIn.